Innovation Case Studies

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Service Hubs: One-Stop Centres to Cater for Farmers’ Needs More Effectively
Service hubs are "one-stop shop" facilities, often set up in remote areas, designed to provide farmers, SMEs, and agribusinesses with convenient access to a variety of agricultural services.

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Achieving a Sustainable, Well-Functioning Service Coalition Through a Service Coalition Manager
A Service Coalition Manager (SCM) is a strategic function created to coordinate and manage the relationships and exchange of services between value chain actors in a service coalition (e.g. input providers, off-takers, financial service providers). The mandate of the SCM is to align coalition members on a common strategy, coordinate division of roles and responsibilities, and facilitate data sharing to create synergy in joint service delivery to smallholders and manage a sustainable service coalition.
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Closing Last-Mile Delivery Gaps by Rapidly Building a Commission-Based Agent Network
Agent networks seek to cover the last mile of service delivery, thus bridging gaps between companies and smallholder farmers (SHFs). This innovation is also known as community-based agents, rural promoters, last-mile deliverers, village-based agents, agri-entrepreneurs etc.
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A Service Coalition Structure to address Challenges in Kenya’s Aquaculture Value Chain
A service coalition is a strategy that builds or strengthens horizontal coalitions of value chain players (VCPs) that coordinate the delivery of complementary goods and services to farmers. Service coalition provides the benefit of specialized complex service provision while offering farmers a wide range of complementary services.
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Integrated End-to-end traceability and AI credit scoring to unlock access to finance
End-to-end traceability and AI credit scoring: Field agents, equipped with fingerprint scanners, smartphone with a pre-installed in-house developed app, and more, create a complete, verifiable and traceable profile of farm(er)s and produce.
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Mobile Aggregation Center (MAC): an aggregation and service solution in smallholder agriculture
Mobile Aggregation Centers are a motorcycle-based service and aggregation solution operated by agents. These aggregation and service centers, embedded in the company’s service and sourcing model, are installable in different locations.
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Solving quality seeds shortages through farmer-led seed multiplication
Farmer-led seed multiplication is a process whereby farmers use certified seeds on their farm to produce clean seeds that can be used by other farmers as alternatives to the often unaffordable and unavailable certified seeds.