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We extend our gratitude to all the individuals who have been instrumental in making this endeavour possible. Without the dedication, support, and expertise of these individuals, this research would not have come to fruition. Their contributions have been invaluable, and their collective efforts have significantly enriched the quality of our work.

Lead Authors 

Kafui Adjogatse, William Saab. 

Data and Analytics 

Oscar Baruffa, Mirza Čengić, Sidney Muchule. 

Contributing Authors 

Clara Colina, Charlotte Keijser, Diewertje Hendriks, Juan Carlo Intriago Zambrano, Larissa Shnayder, Rosalie Dekker, Shreejit Borthakur. 

Lead Reviewers 

Carolijn Gommans, Iris van der Velden, Tony Bruggink. 

Business Model Analysis and Technical Assistance 

Wouter van Monsjou, Mascha Middelbeek, Jenny Lofbom, Aldert Holwerda, Ann Kitonga, Bernard Katibi Ndolo, Cesar Maita, Cyril Ugwu, David Black, Dayo Ogundijo, Eniola Fabusoro, Job Ondeko, Kebba Colley, Mary Mwema, Patrick Kaghati, Robert Asugre, Sietske Groen, Steven de Jonge, Vishnu Reddy, Wangari Nduta. 

Strategic Input 

Rafael Flor, Tom Kehoe, Watipaso Mkandawire, Mansoor Ahmad. 

External Advisory Group 

IDH Farmfit would like to recognize and thank the members of the advisory group in providing valuable input throughout the process of developing the FarmFit Insights Hub. This includes Albert Boogaard, Alex Hurst, Dimeari Von Kemedi, Hillary Miller-Wise, Ilaria Ida Walton, John Mundy, Kyle Murphy, Lazaro Mwakipesile, Robert Berlin.  

Communications and Operations 

Sharon Barasa, Gillian Evans, Sara Coppola, Mamun Kazi, Georgina Munge. 

Website Design 

Dávid Reinhold, Balázs Szabolcska and the rest of the Evermore team. 

Copy-editing and Proofreading 

Tanya Alden, Harriette Foulkes-Arnold and the rest of The Contented Agency team. 


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