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State of the Digital Agriculture Sector
The past decade has witnessed an explosion in the global supply of digitalization for agriculture innovation. Across the regions that comprise the focus of this report nearly 1,400 currently active solutions were identified. 
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Farmer Survey Question Library
This study describes how these nascent collaborative business models are evolving rapidly, as providers learn by doing. However, we can now recognize some of the opportunities and risks these models present. From this analysis, we propose general insights on how to promote successful cross-industry partnerships and highlight specific steps that private and public-sector actors can follow to continue expanding access to rural and agricultural finance in a way that is viable for providers and customers.
Strengthening agricultural value chains through increased responsible fertilizer use
Uganda is amongst the lowest users of fertilizer, both globally and regionally amongst East African peers. Increasing responsible fertilizer usage is positioned in Uganda as a critical mechanism for improving farm productivity and farmer outcomes.
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Optimizing Farmer Engagement
Knowing your farmers means a greater likelihood of your services being adopted by farmers for sustained, long-term business growth. The good news is that you may already have much of the data needed to create meaningful farmer segments.
IDH Deal Room Sessions, part of the Tenth Annual African Green Revolution Forum
IDH hosted two sessions during AGRF Deal Rooms: Innovative Business Models for Increased Food, Trade, and Resilience in Africa and Opportunities and Strategies for Increased Local Sourcing in Africa.